Warragul Harness Racing Track Reviewed

The Warragul Harness Horse Racing track is one of the longest running harness horsing racing facilities in Australia. The long history of the establishment speaks of professionalism, passion, and a love for strong breeds of racing horses. Visitors to the track can enjoy live horse racing at one of the many events that occur, while also taking advantage of the gourmet restaurant and many other luxury entertainment facilities. A number of package deals are available for groups and family outings.

The harness horse racing that occurs at the Warragul track is known for the excitement and pulse pounding action it provides. Unlike traditional horse racing racing tips, where the jockey sits on the horse with a saddle, harness horse racing uses a unique wheeled wagon system, whereby the jockey is pulled behind the horse. This form of horse racing has a slower pace, put allows for a much more stress free situation for the horse. Harness horse racing, therefore, provides all the entertainment of classic harness racing betting, but has much happier and healthier horses to bet on.

Warragul Track Information

The Warragul Harness Horse Racing facility prides itself on having an expertly maintained race track, laid out in an easy to view circular shape. The surface of the track is granite sand, which allows for fluid and controlled racing by the jockeys. The circumference of the track comes in at 837.00 metres, which in turn allows races of total distances that include 1790 meters, 2210 meters, 2627m meters, and 3047 meters, depending on the race being run.

Dining and Entertainment Facilities

Besides providing the entertainment of live horse racing events, Warragul also has other dining and entertainment facilities. The restaurant, located in the bandstand, provides excellent meals for groups and families, while also providing a full view of the racetrack. Guests may, therefore, enjoy a meal while still keeping track of the horse racing action.

There is also a bar on the premises, for those who like to unwind with a few drinks while they tempt lady luck with a few bets. Guests in the bar can keep track of the horse races via digital information screens.

Bet Making Services

Most who attend an event at a race track are looking to take part in a bit of wagering, and the Warragul Horse Racing Track is happy to oblige. There are licensed bookmaking services provided at the track, allowing for guest to place bets as they wish. Note that the betting facilities work on a traditional ticket system, meaning that the bet maker must provide a betting ticket in order to collect winnings.

Bet Making Online

It is also possible to place bets on the horse racing events at Warragul via online bookmaking services. The majority of online bookmakers will provide betting options for Warragul when racing events take place. Simply visit the online bookmaker via any internet capable device, surf to the horse racing section, and Warragul will be listed. Odds for each horse will be provided, which determines the payout amount if the bet succeeds.