The Three Biggest Reasons to Choose Online Gambling

The popularity of online gambling has soared in the recent years. People live their lives on the go and online platforms have made mobile activities accessible no matter where the consumer is. So, it is no wonder that online gambling has taken off. The main reason for its rise in popularity are the three C’s. Cost, convenience and comfort.


Let’s face it, one of the biggest constraints to gambling is the size of the bankroll at your disposal.  When looking at costs, online gambling is the winner every time. Let’s have a look at where your money is going to. You have the cost of your device, be it your mobile, your computer or your tablet. You can’t attribute the entire cost of this item to gambling as its uses are shared across multiple past times. There is the cost of a decent internet connection, again probably not used for gambling only, and then the money you plan to play with. No exorbitant travelling or accommodation costs, no over-priced drinks and no temptations to spend money on anything else. Leaving so much more for you to play with.


Gambling is not legal everywhere and if you live in one of these areas, finding a decent game will be anything but convenient. Firstly, you must get yourself there. That means planning, packing, paying and travelling only to arrive at your destination and realise you left some vital item at home, like your lucky underpants, or your horse racing tips NZ, all after you have already parked your car in the extortionately priced underground parking area. None of those things sound convenient. With online gambling you don’t have to go anywhere in particular, but you can, with mobile platforms you can take your casino along wherever you go.

Just grab your chosen device, log on, load your funds and play away.


As soon as you must share your physical space with strangers there is bound to be some level of discomfort involved. That could be sitting next the guy who clearly hasn’t showered recently, to not being able to smoke as you please. With online gambling you can drink what you like, eat what you like and play in your PJ’s or your lucky underpants on your comfortable couch.

For some people gambling is still considered a taboo. Online casinos offer players privacy and anonymity, removing the risk of anyone finding out about your guilty pleasure. The point is that you do not have to consider the people around you or get annoyed that you are not being considered, and you don’t have to share. Online gambling still allows you to play with other players, so it does not have to be an entirely isolated affair.

We can order our groceries and buy all our clothing online. We can stream our favourite television series or the latest movie, and now, place our bets in our favourite games. All because of the cost, convenience and comfort of it all.