Super Diamond Deluxe Slot Game

Super Diamond Deluxe is an online slot game created by IGT Games at Lucky Nugget casino Canada. In terms of graphics and theme Super Diamond Deluxe is extremely minimalist, having only the barest essentials where glitz and glamour are concerned.

The graphics are understated and basic, almost to the level of absurdity, and compared to more stylish modern games Super diamond Deluxe seems outright archaic. As far as game play and payouts are concerned, however, the serious slot game player couldn’t ask for a more straightforward. Matches are easy to recognise and payouts predictable, meaning that the player is never confused about what is going on. Plus, the game also tends to be extremely generous, paying out large amounts on a regular basis.

Also keep in mind that the game is linked to a progressive jackpot system, meaning that life changing money may be won at any time. Super Diamond Deluxe will not be winning any awards for being dazzling to the eye, but it could certainly change someone’s life forever in terms of cash. A five reel, ten payout line system is used, but note that payout lines are permanently fixed, and may not be adjusted by the player.

Symbols And Payouts

Precious stones are the theme of the game, which makes a great deal o sense given the title Super Diamond Deluxe. The diamond is of course the most precious stone, and hence the most valuable symbol in the game. It will pay out an excellent amount if matched the maximum of five times, and a good amount if matched the minimum of three times

The red stone, presumably a ruby, is the second most valuable in the game, followed by the blue and green stones. The remaining symbols in the game are the traditional ten, jack, queen, king and ace. Note that there are no special bonus symbols of any kind in the game, which is very unusual to say the least. The game does not even feature any wild symbols, meaning that the only tow jackpot In Super Diamonds Deluxe that can be achieved are the mini-jackpot, and the progressive jackpot.

Progressive Jackpot Bonus

The progressive jackpot system is why many people play gambling CA games, and Super Diamond Deluxe is happy to oblige. The first jackpot that can be landed is the mini-jackpot, which is not life changing money by any means, but will be a welcome treat for the player.

In order to achieve the mini-jackpot the player must land a diamond in every square in the play area. This is, of course, a rare occurrence, an the payout is much larger then those that can be ordinarily achieved in the game. The progressive jackpot is rarer still, and the kind of money it pays out will likely result in the player quitting their job. In order to hit the progressive jackpot each reel, from top to bottom, must be covered by a single symbol, with the following symbols required, from left to right. The ace, the green stone, the diamond in the centre, the blue stone, and the king on the right. A screen will appear congratulating the player, and the progressive jackpot will be paid out.