Guide On How To Play Lotería Santa Lucía

Loteria Santa Lucia Helping Those In Need

The Loteria Santa Lucia is a Guatemalan lottery that offers financial support for the Guatemalan deaf blind population. Over 50 million people have supported it in the last 50 years. It is one of the most well respected charities in Guatemala.  Guatemala has experienced extensive civil war and social strife between 1960 and 1996. A bloody civil war raged between US supported government and communist rebel forces. The government supported military also took part in Mayan genocides. Since a United Nations peace deal was reached in 1996 the country has seen economic growth and increased social stability.

The people who have suffered the most in these wars have usually been the people that need the most help and support. Loteria Santa Lucia has been the foundation of that support for the underprivileged citizens that have deaf blind needs.

The Blessings Of Saint Lucy

The Loteria Santa Lucia is named after Saint Lucy, the patron saint of the blind. She was a Christian Martyr from Syracuse who was killed during the Diocletian Persecution of 304. The Roman Catholic, Anglican, Lutheran and Orthodox Churches venerate her as a saint. She is also one of only eight women that are venerated by name in the Canon of the Mass. Her feast day, known as Saint Lucy’s day is celebrated on 13 December. She has been venerated since at least the 6th century with inscriptions mentioning her in the catacombs of St.John in Syracuse.

Collecting Your Loteria Santa Lucia Winnings

If you are a winner, you can collect your prize at Lottery headquarters, from 7:40 to 15:00 pm Monday through Friday. Loteria Santa Lucia prizes can be collected at the Loteria Santa Lucia headquarters located at 3AV St. Lucia. 8-65, Zona 1. Offices are open between 7:40am and 15:00pm. The offices operated Monday to Friday.

When you collect your Loteria Santa Lucia winnings you will need to bring official government issued identification papers in order to claim something quite opposite to Australian online pokies. If you are a minor, you will need to bring a parent or guardian with you in order to claim your prize. Winners will need to complete the applicable income tax forms at the headquarters in order to receive the lottery pay out. Prizes can be claimed at the headquarters for 6 months from the date of the issue of the winning Loteria Santa Lucia ticket.

The Two Loteria Santa Lucia Draws

The ordinary draws are split into multiple smaller draws. There are forty draws with a first prize of GTQ 600 000, a second prize of GTQ 150 000 and a third prize of GTQ 75 000.  There are also many smaller prizes that range between GTQ 50 and GTQ 5. The total prizes can total up to GTQ 2 607 000.

The Extraordinary Draws is split into twelve draws that take place during the year. There are seven smaller draws that pay out GTQ 1 300 000. Three of the twelve draws pay out GTQ 2 200 000. The two biggest draws done once a year offer a jackpot of GTQ 3 500 00 and another jackpot draw of GTQ 4 000 000.

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