4 Differences Between Online & Land Based Gambling

With mobile apps and accessibility, it’s no wonder that gambling has gone online. But, what are the main differences between online and land-based casinos, and which one is for you?

Here we outline the pros and cons of each, so you may decide where to place your bets.

Access and Availability

Of the many differences probably the most obvious and which influences this choice the most is accessibility.

The options are travelling to your brick and mortar casino of choice, or getting out your mobile device and placing your bet.

Online casinos enable players to place their bets anytime the mood strikes, as do online horse racing betting sites that accept wagers 24/7.

If you play online you only need to walk as far as your computer and you are set to play.There is never a wait to join your favourite Roulette or Blackjack table and you can fit in a quick slots session on your coffee break.

With traditional casinos often situated large distances from residential areas, unless you live in Las Vegas, you will probably find yourself having to commute to get to your favourite provider.

Once you’ve logged on or arrived at the casino it’s time to decide where you want to place your bets. Land-based casinos offer a more immersive experience and the sights; sounds and company of other players are prevalent.

However, this experience is often accompanied by a frustrating wait for a seat at the table or another player to vacate your lucky slot machine.

With the online experience improving dramatically as graphics and UX improve, there is always a seat available and enough ‘machines’ to go around.

How Long Would You Like to Play For?

If you want to set your own pace of play online is the way to go. In the virtual world, you dictate a fast or slow game without affecting other players or them affecting you.

This means you can choose exactly how fast you want to bet and in turn how long you want to extend your game for.

Playing with other players means waiting for them to place their bets or potentially feeling rushed into placing yours.

Getting your Money In And Out

Most online casinos now accept Debit / Credit cards, e-wallets, electronic transfers and even cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.

There is however often a slight delay between the withdrawal and the money showing in your bank account.

In land-based casinos, you carry your money in (plastic or paper) and start playing. No delay. And when you’re done? You grab your winnings and leave.

The Legal Side of Gambling

All countries have different age and legal requirements when it comes to placing bets and online is no different.

Online casinos are not legal in all countries and keeping track of whether your chosen provider is or is not legal can be a time-consuming pursuit.

Traditional casinos welcome all players the only requirement being that they old enough.

Land-based or online both have a distinct set of benefits. Which is better is for each to decide but why not make use of both as the mood strikes.

Whatever your preferences the world of gambling has become much more accessible with each provider offering players a unique experience to choose from.

It really depends on whether you enjoy the background cheers when you win or prefer it to be a private but more convenient affair.