Warragul Harness Racing Track Reviewed

The Warragul Harness Horse Racing track is one of the longest running harness horsing racing facilities in Australia. The long history of the establishment speaks of professionalism, passion, and a love for strong breeds of racing horses. Visitors to the track can enjoy live horse racing at one of the many events that occur, while also taking advantage of the gourmet restaurant and many other luxury entertainment facilities. A number of package deals are available for groups and family outings.

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From Where To Play Gonzos Quest Online Slot Games?

If you remember the Gonzalo Pizzaro, the historical Spanish conquistador, this slot might be just what you are looking for. Gonzos Quest is an online slot that features a captivating 3D avatar of this explorer who is on his way to go find Eldorado, the lost city of pure gold.

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Handicap Betting System Explained

Every Australian punter has come across the handicap system at some stage or another on their betting journey. It is a point system, also actually called the point spread system, which was designed by bookies in order to even out the odds of a sport in terms of betting. In most sports or races there is a clear favourite to win and a clear underdog. The handicap betting system encourages punters to place bets on both teams, which in turn enables the bookies and betting sites to carry on operating.

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Wasabi-San Slot Review & Guide for Beginners Online

There are a number of foods who have risen to stardom all over the world, and are known no matter which country you come from. Sushi from Japan is one such food, and has in fact become so popular that it is now starting to affect the oceans that its main ingredient comes from.

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Scary Friends Online Slot Game Review

Scary Friends is a cute and cuddly 3D animated online video slot powered by Microgaming. The game itself has a monster theme that looks very similar to the Monsters Inc. characters from the film. The backdrop to the slot is a type of space-age waiting hall with glowing lights and clear white lines. The reels are suspended in the centre of the screen with a type of whiteboard design. To the left of the reels, the large furry monster stands about stroking a small squishy fur ball and watching over proceedings. The 3D animation, graphics and sound effects are all top class and work well to create an immersive and entertaining slot experience.

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Describing the Main Points of Gladiator Online Video Slot

Gladiator is a film themed online video slot powered by Playtech. The game is based on the Oscar winning film directed by Ridley Scott and starring Russell Crowe. In this slot game, players will encounter images and video clips from the film that bring back all the best parts of the story. The backdrop to the game is the coliseum where the gladiators did battle. The high quality graphics, animation and video sequences give the game a realistic quality and combined with the powerful background music make for an entertaining experience. Read More “Describing the Main Points of Gladiator Online Video Slot”

Find Review of Great Blue Online Video Slot

Great Blue is a high quality online video slot game powered by Playtech. The game itself has an underwater theme and includes images of various aquatic animals frolicking around in their natural habitat. The backdrop to the game is a view of the vast empty ocean with bubbles rising up behind the reels. The graphics and animation give the game the game an extra dimension with each symbol becoming animated when used in a winning combination. In the background, the sound of bubbles can be heard with a flurry of music whenever the reels slide into position. Read More “Find Review of Great Blue Online Video Slot”